blackcomputeHER and other partners have ignited the tackling of the data science talent gap with Kapor Center’s sponsorship. Pathways to and incorporating data science were supported through a cohort-based structure, that offered data science trainings, coaching and peer mentoring activities, targeting professional Black women. We offered this targeted programming to increase knowledge of core data science concepts of our affiliates, broaden awareness and interest in data science career pathways and boost networking capacity with tech professionals at various stages in their careers. 

Expanding the Data Science Workforce, Together.

We’ve engaged almost 60 Black women focused on building their data science acuity — a safe-space headquarters to those both new to and interested in data work. They are participating one 2-day introductory data science weekend (held in either Atlanta or Houston) with an opportunity to join monthly webinars. Additional resources are shared within the community to cultivate our sub-communities of learners.  

Click HERE for the Tableau Public Interactive View

The application for the blackcomputeHER Data Science Executives Program is now closed. If you would like to be placed on a mailing list for future data science related events and opportunities please email us (Brandeis and Susan) at



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